Strategic Marketing Consulting

Make confident marketing decisions, backed by data.

Clients often come to us stuck in a rut of using the same marketing approaches for years, wasting their budgets on tactics with diminishing returns. 

We take a high-level look at your strategy, tools, and processes from a neutral, third-party perspective. Then, we use data to identify where you’re getting the most ROI, and where you’re spending money that’s doing nothing for your business goals.

As your dedicated digital marketing consultant, we’re just as invested in the success of your business as you are. That’s why we work to understand the ins and outs of your organization, then help you prioritize your marketing budget to make the most of your investment. 


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How We Do It

Marketing Data Analytics
We track down every available data source to inform unbiased, foolproof marketing strategies. From GA4 to CRM and sales data, we pull together reports to show you areas of opportunity.
Audience Understanding
PRIME crafts customer personas and user journey maps to help you understand your audience. With the right analysis, you can bring qualified customers the right solution, right when they need it. This way, you can focus your time and money on the right customers for your product (and stop wasting resources on the wrong ones).
Automation + Operations
Make marketing tasks easier with smart automation tools and processes that produce results. We work to maximize the efficiency of your marketing operations so you can do more with less.
Campaign Strategy
When it’s time to launch a new brand, product, or awareness campaign, we’ll develop a data-driven strategy that optimizes your chances of both short-term and long-term success.
Smart KPIs
Was your effort a success? If not, what did you learn from it? You’ll only know if you set the right goals to begin with. At PRIME, marketing consulting includes setting KPIs and tracking the most indicative metrics to measure your success and learn from your failures.

Our Marketing Consulting Work

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Tools We Use

At PRIME, we use Google Analytics 4 to gain deeper insights into user behavior and website performance. This helps us make data-driven decisions, optimize our marketing strategies, and improve user experiences.


Google Analytics 4

At PRIME, we use HubSpot for managing customer relationships, automating marketing campaigns, and tracking interactions. Its website templating feature allows us to quickly create and customize professional web pages, enhancing our online presence.



At PRIME, we use Google Search Console to monitor and optimize our website's performance in search results. It helps us identify issues, track search traffic, and improve our SEO strategies. 


Search Console

At PRIME, we leverage MOZ for comprehensive SEO analysis and optimization. MOZ's suite of tools enables us to conduct keyword research, track rankings, and audit our website's performance.