Brand Development + Creative

Define your brand’s look, voice, and feel

Your brand is more than a name and a logo; it’s how you make people feel. 

We collaborate with organizations to help them identify who they are at their core. Our brand development draws input from your organization’s CEOs, employees, customers, and board members to capture the full picture of your essence and impact. 

Then we develop visual and written representations of your established brand in the form of a logo and messaging. Finally, we create visual and written brand style guides for your staff to reference to maintain brand consistency and longevity.


It's time to build a better brand.

How We Do It

Graphic Design
Based on your established style guides, we’ll make sure your brand shines through in every aspect of your marketing. We can handle all aspects of graphic design for your brand, including: Social media, email design, packaging design, Environmental and Print design
Logo Design
Our approach to modern logo design consists of extensive color, shape, and font research upfront to make sure we’re aligned on the general look and feel. Then, we design, revise, and iterate in collaborative review rounds until your logo is perfect for your brand. Finally, we’ll create visual brand guidelines for your reference, including usage rules, spacing color options, and more
Brand Development
PRIME leads a highly collaborative brand development process to establish your brand’s mission, vision, and values, along with brand pillars and voice guidance. You’ll end up with a branding package – a clear guide for how to express your brand in written, verbal, and visual media going forward.

Our Brand Development + Creative Work

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Tools We Use

The PRIME Brand Worksheet helps us define and develop a unique brand that aligns with your vision for your business.


At PRIME, Adobe Creative Cloud is crucial for creating and managing our design and marketing materials. Our teams use tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro for high-quality graphics, videos, and documents.


Adobe Creative Suite

At PRIME, Pinterest is used to create inspiration boards for our partners, showcasing trends, design ideas, and collaborative projects. These boards help streamline the creative process, ensuring our partners have a clear vision and cohesive direction.